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5 Tips for Maintaining Houseplants

June 04 2017
June 04 2017

Adding plants to your home will give it a fresher and brighter feel and will also improve your home’s air quality. Although it does take a little bit of work and consistency to maintain your plants, but it’s well worth the effort. Here are a few tips for keeping your plants looking great.

1. Use leftover water from cooking.

Plants love the extra nutrients from your leftover cooking water that can’t be found straight from the tap. Instead of dumping the water right after boiling vegetables, let it cool and use it to water your plants.

2. Coffee makes great fertilizer.

Rather than throwing your used coffee grounds in the trash, empty out your French press or coffee filter straight into a planter.

3. Dust your plants.

This should be part of your regular dusting and cleaning routine. Keeping your plants’ leaves dust-free keeps them healthier.

4. Pay attention to soil types.

Different plants require different soils. Do some research to discover each plant‘s preferred soil. For instance, succulents require sandy, dry soil.

5. Beware of root rot.

Houseplants are prone to root rot because there’s often no where for excess water to drain from the planter. Prevent root rot by putting pebbles in the bottom of the planter, which elevates the roots. Use a water-hydrogen peroxide mixture for plants that are already showing signs of root rot.


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Hayfa Serrano

April 29, 2018 9:16 AM

Thank You.

Matthew Mann

August 10, 2018 4:00 AM

House plants and all natural items have been maintained with the help of the regular care and water. The supply of the water and is done for the enjoyment of the households in all environment and circumstances for the future times and generations.