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Four Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out to Buyers, Even in a Slow Market

December 05 2018
December 05 2018

San Francisco consistently ranks among the hottest housing markets in the United States for good reason. That does not mean it is immune to occasional slowdowns. As noted by The New York Times, when rising home prices outpace wages, even the best housing markets can stall. At BarbCo Group, we live in the areas we work and have years of experience representing home buyers and sellers in every type of market. We do not anticipate a major slowdown but do want you to stay informed about the current market and be in the best position to obtain top dollar for your home.

Remove most of your belongings

Packing up most of your personal household items before you put your home on the market has multiple benefits. It takes a lot of stress out of your move when it ultimately does take place. Removing clutter and other items will also make rooms look larger. Removing your personality from the home allows potential buyers to more easily imagine it being their home. You want buyers to remember how much the home fits their needs and wants not where you went to college, what trophies your children have earned, or who your favorite professional sports team is.

Make it an easy home to purchase and move into

When shopping for homes, there are always some homes that stand out because of the upgrades, repairs, and cleaning that will be required once you buy it. That is not a good thing unless you are wanting to attract bargain hunters. You want people to imagine how much they are going to enjoy living there, not how much it will cost to replace the carpet, paint, and upgrade the kitchen.

In addition to a thorough cleaning, consider putting a fresh coat of paint on the front door and any rooms that need it. Your BarbCo agent can provide some insight on which upgrades provide the best bang for your buck. Also, obtaining a professional home inspection before listing your home can ease buyers' minds, show you have nothing to hide, and potentially streamline the closing process.

Price appropriately to sell

Many buyers make the mistake of starting high thinking they can always adjust their price down but not up. In a competitive housing market, many buyers will rule out houses that are priced too high without ever visiting them. They have a limited amount of time to conduct their search and a large inventory of homes to choose from. Your BarbCo agent will conduct a thorough analysis of similar homes currently listed in the area and recently sold homes to help you determine the right list price. If your home is priced correctly initially, there is no need to come off the price significantly during negotiations with a buyer.

Utilize plenty of high-quality photos

According to the National Association of Realtors, 99 percent of Millenials begin their search for a home online. Approximately 42 percent of all home buyers begin their search online. Each year, an increasing number of buyers use their mobile phone or a tablet for their search. Eighty-nine percent of buyers surveyed said photographs were the most useful feature. Home buyers spend hours pouring over online photos of homes for sale. They share them with family and friends. They save them to come back to later. Quality photos are the foundation of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Each home is unique and has something about it that will appeal to a large number of buyers. Your BarbCo Group agent will help showcase your home's best features and develop a marketing strategy to attract the most possible ready, willing, and able buyers.


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