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How To Buy A Bay Area Home Your Pets Will Love

January 02 2019
January 02 2019

The Bay Area has many pet-friendly hiking trails, beaches, restaurants, and other attractions. It is a great place for people who love their pets. You can easily find lots of places where you and your pet are welcome. Our BarbCo Group agents live in the area and are glad to answer any questions you have. The following are a few tips to help ensure you find a Bay Area home that both you and your pets will love.

Check local ordinances and restrictions

There are city and county ordinances for domestic animals. Among other things, they cover licensing and vaccination requirements along with some restrictions on what type of animals you are allowed to have.

Many cities put limits on the number of pets you can have at your home. While most of these laws are common sense and for the protection of animals, you want to make sure you are able to comply before moving into an area to avoid problems and possible separation from your pets.

Review Home Owner Association Documents

Each HOA has its own restrictions and policies that must be followed in addition to local municipality laws. They will likely have strictly-enforced rules in what type of pets are allowed, how many can be at one home, and whether or not pets can roam freely or must be fenced in.

Look for nearby pet services

As mentioned previously, the Bay Area has plenty of places your pet is welcome. Consider the proximity of dog parks, pet-friendly beaches, and veterinary clinics when selecting your home. If parks are nearby and convenient, you're going to be more likely to take your pet there on a regular basis. Read the online reviews of nearby pet services and ask your BarbCo Group agent about local pet services that are available.

Consider street traffic

If the home is located at the back of a neighborhood and far from fast-moving vehicles, you can be less concerned about your dog or cat getting outside. However, if the home is located on a busy road, pets that are'nt accustomed to being around traffic are at a higher risk.

Walk the neighborhood before you buy

You can learn a lot more about a neighborhood by walking through it than you can just by driving through in your vehicle. Check it out at different times of the day. Are there bored dogs left alone in their yards that will be barking at you and your pet anytime you are outside? Are there other pet lovers walking their pets? You will want a location where you can walk with your pet without having to cross a lot of busy roads and without encountering menacing dogs.

Is the house a good fit for your pet?

This may seem like a given that you are going to look for a home that is well suited to your pet. You know your pet and their needs better than anyone. You also have a lot of things to consider when buying your next home. Write down some wants and must-haves of your home for your pet. Keep that list with as your narrow your search. Be sure to discuss this list with your BarbCo Group agent so we can help you find a home that your entire family will love for many years to come.


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