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Buying a Home in San Francisco? Open House Mistakes to Avoid

January 09 2019
January 09 2019

Shopping for your San Francisco home can be both exciting and stressful. Open houses are great opportunities to casually tour a potential property without having to make a formal showing appointment. Open houses allow you to learn more about neighborhoods you may be interested in and view features you may want in your next home. Just be sure to consult with your BarbCo Group agent before you go, and avoid these open house mistakes many buyers make.

Too many open houses in too short a time

While gathering information on several homes can help narrow down choices, some buyers attempt to accomplish too much in one weekend and become overwhelmed. All of the information becomes a blur and they rush their decision making just to avoid having to continue viewing potential houses.

Pace yourself and take your time. Take notes about each home your view so you can review the features you liked or didn't like about each one later.

Sharing too much information

The relaxed atmosphere of open houses can lead some home buyers to let down their guard and reveal information that could compromise their negotiating position. You should be open with your BarbCo Group agent about your buying timeline and other pertinent details, but a listing agent works for the seller.

Always remember that purchasing a home is a business transaction. Be polite but be discreet when discussing your homebuying plans.

Failing to ask enough questions

Some buyers are too guarded when viewing homes. They avoid engaging in any conversation because they don't want to appear overeager.

When viewing potential homes, trust your instincts and feel free to ask questions. Buying a home is an important decision and you need some questions answered to make an informed decision.

Forgetting to notice the neighborhood

With open houses, agents put a lot of effort into showcasing the seller's property. Buyers who are trying to see as many homes as possible in a short amount of time will often overlook the neighborhoods.

Write a list of things that are important factors when choosing your next home. This will include nearby amenities, local traffic, and other neighborhood information. Be sure you take sufficient time to check out the neighborhood.

Being a little too comfortable in the home

Some buyers are too comfortable sharing their opinion about the seller's choice of style. They may allow their children to roam unattended through the home.

Sellers are less likely to compromise with buyers who offended them previously. Being polite and respectful keeps you in a good negotiating position with the seller.

Not including their agent

Some buyers create confusion by not letting their agent know they will be attending an open house. The listing agent should ask upon meeting potential buyers if they have a buyer's agent, but some don't.

Your BarbCo Group agent can gather helpful information before you visit the open house and help keep you on track with your home buying process. They have knowledge of the neighborhood and likely have experience working with the selling agent. All of this works to your advantage. They are your home buying support system and they are glad to help.



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