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Selling a Home in San Francisco? Avoid These Open House Mistakes

December 26 2018
December 26 2018

Selling your San Francisco home for the best possible price involves showcasing its best features to as many potential buyers as possible. An open house is a great time for potential buyers to casually look around without feeling rushed. They can bring family and friends, too. Your BarbCo Group agent will provide some valuable insight to make your open house a success. Little things can make a big difference. To obtain the best possible results, avoid these common open house mistakes.

Attending your open house

An open house is not a party that you are hosting. It is a time for potential buyers to feel comfortable scrutinizing the property and possibly asking the real estate agent some tough questions. Buyers will feel inhibited about discussing the home's condition and style with the current owner present. You want the visitors to begin visualizing themselves living in the home. That is especially difficult with you sharing memories of your time there and telling them why it has been a great home for you.

Leaving your pets at home

Even if your pets are not intimidating, they can be very distracting. Some people are allergic and some have irrational fears of certain pets. People who do not like pets will have a difficult time picturing themselves in a home that once housed a cat or dog.

However, those people are rare. Most people love animals. And your amazing, lovable pet can easily steal the show and be the most memorable part of your open house. You want buyers to remember the key features of the house, not how cute your cat is.

Too much of a good thing

A strategically located scented candle can add ambiance and create a pleasant scent. You want the air fresh and clean. However, it's easy to go overboard with air freshener. Some people are highly sensitive to smells or may have allergic reactions. Overly perfumed air can cause people to rush their tour of the home and carry an unpleasant impression of it with them when they leave.

Neglecting the landscaping

Basic lawn maintenance is crucial. While many home sellers think to add fresh flowers indoors and to make sure the interior is meticulously cleaned, they neglect some outdoor housekeeping. It is a good idea to remove all dead flowers and replace them with fresh annuals. Although you may be accustomed to the garden hose laying across the lawn to the garden, it can be a trip hazard to open house visitors. 

Just thinking about selling your beloved San Francisco home can be stressful and bring up a lot of different emotions. There are many things to consider and a lot that needs to be done. Personal safety and protection of your property are always top concerns. There are some basic steps to ensure the privacy of personal information and to protect your belongings. Your BarbCo Group agent is here to advise you through each step of the selling process and keep you in control of the transaction.


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